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Weapons charges carry serious penalties in Virginia. If you have been charged with any weapons charge, it would serve your best interests to contact a Virginia Beach weapons charges attorney without delay. An immediate start to your defense case is crucial. Criminal defense attorney Vaughan C. Jones is well-qualified and experienced and can assist you in defending yourself from this very serious charge. You have a right to get a quality attorney to fight for your defense.

Virginia Beach Weapons Charges Attorney

Weapons charges are varied depending on the situation involved in your arrest. Some of the types of weapons charges that Attorney Vaughan C. Jones can help you with include:

  • Possession of a firearm without a permit
  • Brandishing a weapon
  • Concealing a weapon
  • Possession or transport of a weapon when a convicted felon
  • Use of a firearm or weapon in the commission of a felony

Any of these charges have very serious penalties in Virginia. Do not take chances with weapons charges. It is strongly advised that you contact Attorney Vaughan C. Jones to discuss your case. Attorney Jones can review and evaluate your case to determine what can be done. Every arrest may have law enforcement errors in procedure. It is vital that the evidence be reviewed to determine if it was all legally collected and what could possibly be challenged in court. Certainly hundreds of cases in the past have had the charges dismissed due to procedural errors.

Do not take chances with your freedom. The penalties you face if convicted of a weapons charge include years of prison time in some cases. When you are facing law enforcement in conjunction with a highly motivated prosecuting attorney, you need someone working on your side. It is vital that you contact Defense Attorney Vaughan C. Jones without delay as soon after your arrest as is possible. Attorney Jones will relentlessly fight for you.

Contact Virginia Beach weapons charges attorney Vaughan C. Jones to protect your legal rights if you have been arrested and charged with any weapons offense.

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