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Domestic violence charges can be one of the most upsetting and frightening events you could have the misfortune to experience. These charges can be brought without as much evidence as many other types of crimes. As this is the case, a vindictive spouse could accuse you of domestic violence when a divorce is in the near future. This can create a huge problem for a person accused of domestic violence. If you have been charged, it is vital that you contact a Virginia Beach domestic violence attorney without delay. You need to have a defense attorney to immediately address the details of the case and begin the actions to help you.

Virginia Beach Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic disputes can be very intense and rarely are there more emotions flying than in such altercations. When children are involved it can become very serious if you are the person who is charged with domestic violence. There can be attempts made to make it difficult to see your children. A restraining order can be filed against you and restrict your contact with your family, or even cause you to have to move out of your home. These are very serious consequences to your life, much less the actual legal case against you. It is strongly advised that you act at once to get a defense attorney working to protect you.

Do not take chances with domestic violence charges. Contact Attorney Vaughan C. Jones to immediately review your case and determine what can be done to protect your rights. Attorney Jones is an experienced defense lawyer who is very familiar with dealing with such charges and how they can come about. There are often legal remedies available to you and you need the help if you are facing domestic violence charges. Don’t face this dangerous and humiliating charge on your own. Contact Attorney Jones who will treat you with the understanding and respect you deserve.

Contact Virginia Beach domestic violence attorney Vaughan C. Jones immediately if you have been charged with domestic violence.

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