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Assault and Battery are actually two different charges that can often be brought together in one charge. Assault by definition has to do with a threat or actual physical attack on another person. Battery is generally defined as physical harm or hurt done to another person. If you have been charged with assault, battery, or assault and battery, any of these charges can land you in prison. If you have been charged with any of these offenses, it is crucial that you contact a Virginia Beach assault & battery attorney at once.

Virginia Beach Assault & Battery Attorney

Vaughan C. Jones, Attorney at Law is well aware of how certain incidents can result in such charges when there is other evidence that would prove the charge untrue. It is certain that there are always two sides to any story. It is the job of the defense attorney on your case to bring forward those aspects in the case that could exonerate you if possible. Often other evidence may be necessary to be found, and that is why it is urgent that you call defense Attorney Vaughan C. Jones without delay if you have been charged with assault & battery.

Any case will have its flaws. However, the case brought forward against you has many factors working in concert to convict you. Law enforcement and prosecutor are working together along with any investigators that were used in the case. Don’t you think you deserve someone on your side who will work relentlessly on your case? It is in your best interests to contact Attorney Vaughan C. Jones immediately to discuss what can be done in your case. An immediate address to your case is urgent and you can get your questions answered regarding what can be done to protect your freedom.

Contact Virginia Beach assault & battery attorney Vaughan C. Jones if you have been charged with assault & battery and are looking for a dedicated defense attorney.

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