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Charged with Robbery in Virginia Beach?

There are many different crimes theft offenses, including robbery, a felony crime. This crime is essentially the act of taking of another's property using force, threat of force, or intimidation. If the robbery is committed with the use of a weapon, the charges filed will be for armed robbery. Armed robbery carries heavier penalties, but either crime is very serious. A Virginia Beach criminal defense lawyer who is knowledgeable in defending against robbery charges will be able to help you identify a strategy to counter these charges.

Robbery is far more serious as a criminal offense than the crimes of shoplifting or larceny, which are often charged as misdemeanors. With robbery, there is the element of violence or possible violence. If you are convicted of robbery, you can expect to serve from five years to life in prison. If the charge is armed robbery, the courts will add many more years to the sentence. Crimes of violence (whether any violence actually occurred or not) are heavily punished in this state.

Investigating a robbery charge would minimally involve a careful examination of the crime scene, thoroughly interviewing any possible witnesses and reviewing the police reports. All of these actions could identify the flaws in the case, and the areas that could be beneficial to the case for your defense. We are strategists in defense law, and we know how the criminal justice system works, and how to gain any advantage for our clients.

Defending Robbery Charges in Virginia Beach

If you are facing robbery charges, you no doubt are going through a frustrating and emotional time. A robbery defense lawyer in Virginia Beach must be experienced and aggressive when presenting a case that challenges the prosecutor's case. At our firm, Vaughan C. Jones, Attorney at Law, we are dedicated to providing our clients the best defense possible, and seeking any advantage that can be gained for our clients. Our goal to have the case dismissed or charges reduced, or to seek a reduced sentence or an acquittal at trial, and we prepare extensively to challenge the prosecution. We pride ourselves on detailed investigations and aggressive defense strategies. To find out how we can provide you with a highly quality, aggressive defense, contact us today.

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