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There are many types of theft offenses, all of which carry serious penalties. If you have been charged with any theft offense, it is strongly advised that you contact a Virginia Beach criminal defense lawyer quickly. Attorney Vaughan C. Jones is experienced in the defense of theft crimes and can review your case to determine what can be done to increase the chances of a good outcome in your particular case. Some of the types of theft crimes that Attorney Jones can assist you with include:

  • Shoplifting
  • Forgery
  • Auto theft
  • Petty larceny
  • Robbery
  • Grand Larceny
  • Identity theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Burglary

Any of these charges are serious. Some of them carry years of prison time as part of the penalty. Do not take any chances if you have been charged with theft. It is vital that you contact Attorney Vaughan C. Jones to review your case. It is possible that there are factors in your arrest that could be contested, depending on the circumstances. When you hear of a person getting their theft charges dismissed, those are the results of a quality defense attorney. You need someone who will “go the distance” for you and work to find a way to maximize the chances of a better outcome in your case.

Virginia Beach Theft Offense Attorney

Attorney Jones is well aware of the threat to your future in a theft charge and will work to find the possibilities that may exist in your case to have your case dismissed, or charges reduced. This is the type of defense you need. In these serious charges, you need a quality defense lawyer to fight for you. This is a crucial decision for you if you are in the dangerous position of having been charged with any theft offense.

Contact Virginia Beach theft offense attorney Vaughan C. Jones if you have been arrested and charged with any theft offense.

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